Frank A. Foster

Late one evening in February 1990, Michael Viars was at a bar having some drinks.  At some point, Frank Foster and Tim Carpenter joined him.

Foster, as he later told police, knew Viars because he believed that Viars and another person had assaulted and robbed him about two or three years earlier.  Because of this, Foster decided that he was going to get Viars as drunk as possible before exacting his revenge, so he encouraged Viars to drink as much as possible.

After getting Viars very intoxicated, the trio left in Foster’s car.  While out, the three decided they needed to relieve themselves, so they pulled over and exited the car on an isolated street.  After he got back into the car, Carpenter heard multiple gunshots.  Foster then got back into the car, shoved a gun between the driver’s seat and the center console, and said something about “this is just like on TV” before driving away.  Foster then drove himself and Carpenter to get breakfast at a Waffle House before taking Carpenter home.

Viars’ body was discovered after passing motorists saw it lying in the middle of the road and reported it to authorities.  He had been shot six times.  Once in the back of the head, once in the back of the neck, twice in the back, once in the right arm, and once in the left leg.  Viars’ wallet was missing and, instead of the roughly $400 he had apparently had on him earlier in the evening, he had only 42 cents in his pocket.

The facts in this matter show that Foster purposely got his victim highly intoxicated before driving him to an isolated street where he proceeded to rob and murder him.  Notably, Foster told the police that when he believed that Viars had robbed him years earlier, he purchased a shotgun and had gone out looking for him, but was unable to find him.  In other words, Foster spent years looking for an opportunity to exact street justice for an alleged crime and, when the opportunity presented itself, took it upon himself to act as judge, jury, and executioner.

This was not just a random robbery and murder. This was premeditated over the course of years.  And before killing him, Foster took the time to make sure that Viars was intoxicated to the point that he would not be able to defend himself. Foster was so unmoved by murdering Viars that he went directly from the scene of his crime to casually having a bite to eat before turning in for the night.  Those things demonstrate that Foster is much more dangerous than the murderers that the board usually deals with.  He is a cold, calculating murderer who has no regard for life.

For those reasons, the State of Ohio opposes granting Foster any type of early release, now or ever.  Society should never be placed at risk of his violence again. He should, therefore, spend the rest of his life in prison.

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