Russell Bullock

Russell Bullock repeatedly raped his niece. 

His niece often stayed at his home because her parents were deceased and she saw her aunt as a mother figure.  When she was around 12-years old, Bullock started to rub her inner thigh.  This progressed to him placing his fingers inside her vagina.


By the time she was 13, Bullock progressed to anally and vaginally raping her.  This happened on many occasions.  Bullock would, at times, choke her during the rapes.


Bullock showed the child a gun and told her that he wouldn’t be afraid to use it on anyone with a big mouth and started to keep it near the couch that he would often rape her on.


Alarmingly, he was a deacon at his church, which made him outwardly appear as if he were a trustable person.  He was, however, nothing more than a pedophile rapist. 


Having repeatedly raped his niece and going so far as to threaten her with a gun, he has earned every day of his sentence and should never be granted any type of early release.

Sexual Offender
Corruption of a Minor
Gross Sexual Imposition
Min Sentence
8 years
Max Sentence
25 years
Date Admitted:
Next Eligibility
Hearing Date:

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