White Collar Crime

Supervising Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Bill Anderson(513) 946-3118
Fax : (513) 946-3105

Victim Services

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Seth Tieger(513) 946-3125
Fax : (513) 946-3282

The Victim & Witness Advocate Program works with victims and witnesses to keep them advised of the criminal law process and the status of their cases.

Advocates will sit with victims in courtrooms during trial, and will serve as a liaison for counseling and compensation sources. Notification of defendant release dates is also provided.

Municipal Division

Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys
Jocelyn Chess513-946-3151
Fax : 513-946-3072

The Municipal Court Division prosecutes all misdemeanors in Hamilton County with the exception of those from the City of Cincinnati.

Misdemeanor penalties include up to six months incarceration and a substantial fine. Municipal Court is an extremely busy court covering fourteen different municipal courtrooms each day.

Juvenile Court

Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Brian Goodyear(513) 946-3140
Fax : (513) 946-3225

The Juvenile Division of the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office handles cases running the gamut from unruliness to major felony offenses involving bind-over cases for trial in adult court.

In some cases, child endangering offenses with adult defendants can also be tried in Juvenile Court. For the most part there are few jury trials in Juvenile Court, with most proceedings heard before a magistrate or one of the two Juvenile Court Judges. Juvenile Court is also a very busy venue, processing in excess of 28,000 criminal and traffic cases in 2006.

Grand Jury/Intake

Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys
Steve Tolbert513-946-3002
Fax : 513-946-3282

The Intake Division is the entry point into the Prosecutor’s Office for all felony cases.

The Intake Division runs two grand juries which hear evidence and vote on the filing of criminal charges. The Intake Division also houses the Victim/Witness advocate program, as well as the Diversion program.

Felony Trial

Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys
Mark Piepmeier(513) 946-3050
Fax : (513) 946-3105

The Criminal Section of the Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office prosecutes all criminal offenses occurring within Hamilton County.

The Felony Trial Division which comprises a portion of this Section, prosecutes only felony level crimes. In addition to the Felony Trial Division, the Diversion Program, Drug Court, Municipal, Juvenile, Intake/Grand Jury, Criminal Non support, White Collar, Drug Prosecutions, Victim Witness, Forfeitures, and Appellate Divisions are all under the umbrella of the Criminal Section of the Prosecutor's Office.


Supervising Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Mark Tierney(513) 946-3068
Fax : (513) 946-3105

The prosecutors in the Drug Unit handle only the most serious felony drug cases involving significant quantities of drugs or property subject to forfeiture or interstate offenders.


They will usually work cooperatively with regional drug task forces and prosecute offenders in a vertical manner, from investigation through final determination

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