Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys
Joseph T. Deters(513) 946-3279

First time offenders accused of non violent offenses, upon request, may be permitted a one time opportunity to enter into the Diversion Program.

If the crime victim and appropriate law enforcement officers as well as the Prosecuting Attorney approve the candidate, the case will be qualified and the defendant will be provided with the opportunity to enter a guilty plea to the charge, waive speedy trial rights, and his right to be indicted by a Grand Jury. The candidate must comply with all conditions set by the Probation Department.


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The Civil Division

Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys
James W. Harper(513) 946-3159
Fax : (513) 946-3018

The Prosecuting Attorney is the legal advisor of the board of county commissioners, board of elections, public library, park district and all other elected and appointed county officers, boards and employees. As legal advisor the prosecuting attorney performs services similar to those of general counsel to a large corporation.

The Prosecuting Attorney is also the county’s civil trial attorney. As such, the prosecutor brings and defends civil actions and appeals in state and federal courts.

Criminal Division

Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys
Mark Piepmeier(513) 946-3050
Fax : (513) 946-3105

Rick Gibson(513) 946-3126
Fax : (513) 946-3105

The Criminal Division of the Prosecutor’s Office is responsible for litigating on behalf of Hamilton County at every level of the criminal justice system.

To effectively prosecute offenders and manage day-to-day activities, the Criminal Division is divided into many branches.


Chief Assistant
Ronald Springman(513) 946-3052
Fax : (513) 946-3021

The Appellate Division represents the Prosecutor’s Office in the Ohio Court of Appeals, Ohio Supreme Court and United States Supreme Court.

These courts have the power to affirm or reverse rulings made by lower courts. The Appellate Division also represents the Prosecutor’s Office in post-conviction actions, felony expungement proceedings, sanity/insanity proceedings, prisoner transfer proceedings and parole-related matters.

Joseph T. Deters

Joe Deters began his legal career in 1982 as an Assistant Hamilton County Prosecutor while working in the Juvenile, Municipal, and Common Pleas Courts, he learned first-hand the impact violent crime has on families and neighborhoods. 

After six years as an assistant Prosecutor, Joe was elected to the position of Hamilton County Clerk of Courts in 1988, honing his skills as the manager of a large office while Clerk and gaining the respect of other officeholders and the community.

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