Pending Hearings

The Office of Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney is vigorously opposing parole of the inmates listed below, and solicits public comment.

Name and Offense Admitted Sentence Min/Max Next Eligibility Hearing
Lawrence McNair
Attempted Aggravated Murder
5/14/1981 LIFE/LIFE 9/30/2014
Leon Hayes
Aggravated Arson
Aggravated Murder
Felonious Assault
10/17/1980 20 YEARS/LIFE 9/30/2014
Anthony Thomas
Aggravated Assault
Attempted Murder
Felonious Assault
1/27/1992 12 YEARS/25 YEARS 9/30/2014
Damon Cure
Aggravated Burglary
Attempted Rape
12/7/1984 15 YEARS/50 YEARS 10/1/2014
Daniel Bitter
Aggravated Burglary
Attempted Rape
Felonious Assault
4/25/1988 12 YEARS/40 YEARS 10/1/2014
James D. WintermanRape 2/13/1995 10 YEARS/50 YEARS 11/28/2014