PRESS RELEASE, 6/24/2005

Fountain Square shooter indicted

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph Deters announced today that a man who opened fire into a crowd of people on 6th and Vine has been indicted by a grand jury.

Michael Simmons,18, was indicted on 8 counts of felonious assault, 7 counts of attempted murder , 1 count of possession of cocaine, 1 count of trafficking cocaine, 1 count of carrying concealed weapons and 1 count of having weapons while under disability.

After opening fire near Fountain Square on June 15th, Simmons fled the scene and ran toward Carew Tower. Officers chased Simmons and Lt. Michael Neville, the police department's Downtown Service Unit Commander, suffered a broken arm during a struggle to place Simmons under arrest.

Prosecutor Deters said, The time has come for this city to realize what we are dealing with - lawless vermin. Police need to be able to do what is necessary to protect our citizens, free from the blame the police first crowd at city hall.