PRESS RELEASE, 11/2/2005

Hamilton County Prosecutor urges the community to voice their opposition to the possible parole of Greg Cooper

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters is asking the community to join him in voicing the strongest opposition to the possible parole of Greg Cooper.

On December 19, 1989, Mr. Cooper, formerly of Loveland, entered the Society National Bank in Montgomery. Mr. Cooper (and co-defendant Wayne Cornett) brandished revolvers and ordered three females tellers not to sound the alarm or they would be killed. He received $49,000 in cash and as he left the bank was approached by Montgomery Police Officer Mike Young. Cooper fired at Officer Young striking him in the chest and hand.

Officer Young survived only because he was wearing a bullet proof vest; however reconstructive surgery was required to repair his hand.

This November, the Ohio Adult Parole Authority will be considering Greg Cooper for parole. Prosecutor Deters said today, “Criminals who put our police officers’ lives in jeopardy should never be released from prison. In 1998, with an overwhelming response from the community, we kept Cooper behind bars. Today, I ask for your help again.”

Correspondence should be faxed to:

Adult Parole Authority


Please include Mr. Cooper’s prison ID number (219405)