PRESS RELEASE, 12/6/2005

Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office files 33 lawsuits against sex offenders living near schools

The Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office Sexual Offender Unit today filed 33 lawsuits against sex offenders living within 1,000 feet of a school. With this filing, all sex offenders living too close to a school in Hamilton County, with the exception of the City of Cincinnati and the City of Norwood, have lawsuits pending.

When this law went into effect in April of this year, Hamilton County had a total of 1,079 sex offenders with 475 living too close to a school. As of December 5, 2005, there are a total of 1,144 sex offenders in Hamilton County with 373 living too close to a school. A total of 44 lawsuits were filed this week. Along with the 33 lawsuits filed by this office, 2 were filed in City of Reading, 8 were filed in Colerain Township and 1 in Harrison.

April 2005 December 2005
Total Offenders: 1,079 1,144
Within 1000’ of school: 475 373
City of Cincinnati: 370 307
The rest of Hamilton County: 105 66


Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said today, “Effective immediately, when a sex offender registers their address within a school zone and lives in the county, our office will file a lawsuit within 5 days to have them removed.”