PRESS RELEASE, 1/20/2006

Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney Joseph T. Deters announces indictment of cop shooter Dante Person

Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney Joseph T. Deters at a press conference today announced the indictment of Dante Person for the cop shooting in Bond Hill.

Person, 18, has been indicted for the attempted murder and felonious assault of two Cincinnati Police Officers that took place in the early morning hours of January 11, 2006. Officers Kristina Holtman and Lauren Smith pulled over a car in a routine traffic stop on California Avenue in Bond Hill. After running the license plate number, they found the driver of the car was wanted on outstanding warrants.

As officers placed the driver under arrest, the passenger in the car, Dante Person, fired one shot at Officer Holtman hitting her in her right cheek and shattering her glasses. Officers fired back at the defendant. Person’s gun jammed and he fled the scene. He was later arrested in the basement of a nearby residence.

Officer Holtman was taken to the hospital where she was treated for her injuries and released. Person is still in the hospital being treated for a gun shot wound to his leg. He will be arraigned and a bond will be set once he is released. He is facing up to 75 years in prison if convicted on all charges.

Prosecutor Deters said today, “The defendant is only 18 and his life is over. He will, and should, spend the rest of his life in prison.”