PRESS RELEASE, 12/11/2006

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters announces a capital indictment in the Philip Bates Murder Case

Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney Joseph T. Deters and Cincinnati Police Chief Thomas Streicher, Jr. held a news conference today to announce a capital indictment for the murder of Philip Bates.

Charles Carter, 20, has been indicted on one count of aggravated murder with death specifications, one count of murder, and one count of aggravated robbery with gun specifications. He is now facing the death penalty.

On August 27, 2006, shortly after midnight, Philip Bates was parking his car in front of his home on Rose Hill Avenue. The defendant approached Bates and shot him one time in his chest killing him.

Keys were discovered at the scene of the crime. After an intensive search led by the Cincinnati Police Department, officials matched a key to an apartment belonging to Carter located on Fred Shuttlesworth Drive.

Charles Carter has been linked to two other recent aggravated robbery cases. He was indicted for an aggravated robbery occurring on September 22, 2005. However, witnesses twice failed to appear for court hearings and the aggravated robbery charges were dismissed. When he was arrested for the September robbery, he was carrying a .38 caliber revolver. He was convicted for carrying a concealed weapon and was placed on probation. A .38 caliber revolver was the same type of weapon used to kill Philip Bates.

Carter has also been charged with an aggravated robbery that occurred on October 1, 2006. He held the victims at gunpoint at 3417 Reading Road. This case is pending.