PRESS RELEASE, 7/31/2006

Woman indicted in vending machine theft scan

A Hamilton County grand jury indicted today a woman involved in a vending machine theft scam. Beverly Bowers has been indicted on fifteen counts of Theft and two counts of Aggravated Theft for the incidents that took place from March 2003 to September 2005.

Bowers, 59, and her company, B & S Vending, began selling vending routes in 2003. The defendant sold and resold different routes to 17 purchasers. Bowers would sell the same vending location to several different buyers. Each buyer thought they were the sole owner of the location when in fact other buyers also had claim to it. Bowers and her company also told purchasers that each established route would generate a certain amount of income per month. A majority of the routes did not come close to the projected monthly income.

When confronted by unhappy purchasers, Bowers would agree to buy back the route and make monthly payments to the initial purchaser. However, Bowers would pay for a month or two and then would stop making payments.

Bowers and her company generated nearly $ 1 million in revenue and then filed for bankruptcy in 2005. She faces up to 32 years in prison if convicted on all charges.