PRESS RELEASE, 5/31/2007

Hamilton County Prosecutor Urges the community to voice their opposition to the possible parole of James Doan

On September 29, 1993, James Doan took Star Hollingsworth’s mom to work. Star and her older sister went along for the car ride. On their way home, Star started crying, which irritated Doan. He turned around and yelled at her to stop crying.

Once they were home, Star continued to cry and Doan’s anger grew. He picked her up, shook her, and violently flung her over his shoulder. Despite the fact that this small child was vomiting, pale, and shaking, Doan continued to abuse her. While trying to clean the vomit out of her hair, he took a scolding hot towel to her face. He continued to shake her and eventually karate chopped her in the stomach. Now instead of crying, Star was quietly gasping for air. While Star struggled to breathe, Doan went to bed. Star died while Doan slept.

Star’s body was covered in bruises, including on her skull, stomach, back, anus, and vagina. A ring of abrasions circled her neck. Her skull and an upper vertebra were fractured. She was bleeding internally from her bowel and spleen. Her face was covered with a second degree burn.

Inmate Doan murdered a defenseless 15-month-old baby. The facts of this case cry out for the death penalty, but at the time of this offense, Ohio law would not allow our office to seek the death penalty.

Two Hamilton County cases changed the law. The murders of Star Hollingsworth (15 months old) and Matthew Richmond (12 years old) prompted Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney Joseph T. Deters to seek legislation wherein people who purposely kill children under 13 years of age would be eligible for the death penalty. That bill passed in 1997.

This June, the Ohio Adult Parole Authority will consider James Doan for parole. Prosecutor Deters is asking for your help to keep this violent criminal behind bars.

Correspondence should be faxed to:

Adult Parole Authority, 614-752-0600

Or visit our website,

Please include Mr. Doan’s prison ID number (A289966)