PRESS RELEASE, 2/13/2008

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph Deters announces the indictment of Michael Chaffer

Between the dates of September 8th, 2006 and November 4th, 2007, Michael Chaffer repeatedly raped his live-in girlfriend's ten year old child. On November 3rd, 2007 the child was taken to University Hospital complaining of stomach pains. The following day she gave birth, having been approximately thirty-five weeks pregnant.

Chaffer was incarcerated on a probation violation for a felony drug possession charge when he was served with a search warrant for his DNA. The sample was compared with a sample taken from the newborn child and results show that there is a 99.9999% probability that Chaffer is the newborn's father.

Prosecutor Joe Deters commented, "what kind of a pervert raises a child from the age of three until she is ten and then decides it is okay to rape her? If you are that kind of a sexual deviant you should spend the rest of your life behind bars."

Michael Chaffer has been indicted for two counts of Rape (F1) and one count of Felonious Assault (F2). If convicted of all charges, Chaffer faces life in prison.