Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph Deters Announces The Indictment Of Victoria Lasita, Aka Victoria Higgins

Between the dates of June 27th, 2007 and July 10th, 2007, Victoria Lasita (aka Higgins) passed three bad checks at the Advantage Bank located on Glencrossing Way in Green Township. The checks were drawn on a bank account belonging to Lasita which had been closed for some time. The checks totaled $2,650.00. Lasita received a portion of the cash with losses to Advantage Bank totaling $997.74.

Lasita had received local and national media attention when she gave birth to her second set of triplets in August of 2007. Additionally, on January 27th, 2008, one day after Victoria Lasita was interviewed by Green Township detectives about the bad checks, the Lasita's house in Delhi Township burned down.

Victoria Lasita has been indicted for three counts of Passing Bad Checks (F5) and one count of Theft (F5). If convicted of all charges, Lasita faces up to four years in prison.