PRESS RELEASE, 7/23/2009

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters comments on recent case affecting possible release of inmates

Due to a recent Franklin County case, the Ohio Parole Board has been ordered to consider over 200 Ohio inmates for possible release from prison. 28 inmates from Hamilton County are eligible for possible release pursuant to this court decision.

In Hall v. Hageman (05CVH05-5459), the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas held that any inmate who had taken his original case to trial and who had not been given "meaningful consideration" by the parole board since June 2005 has to be given a new chance at being released. The decision closely mirrored an earlier Franklin county decision that ordered the parole board to review every inmate who entered a plea to the crimes for which they were incarcerated.

These are some of the most dangerous and violent criminals who have been convicted in Hamilton county. Some of those being considered for possible parole are Wayne Reed (who shot and killed Cincinnati Police Office Charles Burdsall) and Raymond Kassow and Waterson Johnson (who murdered 4 women during a 1969 Delhi Township bank robbery.)

Prosecutor Deters commented, "This case has serious ramifications for Hamilton County and the entire state. I urge the public to voice their objection to the possible release of these dangerous offenders back into the community. These inmates are definitely among the worst of the worst. The Ohio Parole Board does listen to the public and it is important that the public send a message - - loud and clear - - that they want these serious offenders to serve the maximum sentence."

All eligible Hamilton County inmates are listed below. Prosecutor Deters urges the public to visit the site and use it to contact the parole authority. The public may also direct correspondence to Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, Central Office Attention: Ohio Parole Board, 770 W. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43222 or call them at 614-752-1200.