PRESS RELEASE, 1/16/2009

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters urges the public to voice their opposition to the parole of Douglas Sim Payne

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters is asking the public to join him in voicing opposition to the possible parole of convicted murderer Douglas Sim Payne.

Payne, formerly of Blue Ash, murdered 17-year-old Lonni (Kathy) Mahone in November, 1978. Witnesses at the trial testified that Payne had been planning to "snatch" and rape the victim, who was also his neighbor. Other evidence at the trial indicated that he attempted to rape her and, because she resisted him, then stabbed her at least 70 times with a screwdriver. He also dropped a 70 lb concrete block on her head.

Lonni was missing for several days before her body was found in a cistern behind Payne's home. In a later search of Payne's home, the police found her property and blood as well as the concrete block.

In February, the Ohio Adult Parole Authority will be considering Payne for parole. Prosecutor Deters urges the community to voice their opposition to Payne's possible parole by visiting his web site at and clicking on the parole watch section. The public may also direct correspondence to Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, Central Office Attention: Ohio Parole Board, 770 W. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43222 or call them at 614-752-1200.

Prosecutor Deters said today, "Payne should be shown the same mercy he showed this young girl: absolutely none. He is a cold-blooded killer and a danger to society. He poses a substantial risk of harm to civilized society should he ever be released. Therefore, it is this office's position that Payne should be required to serve every day of his life sentence in prison."