Hamilton County Grand Jury ignores charges in St. Bernard shooting

Today, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters announced that the Hamilton County Grand Jury ignored any charges in the August 3, 2010 shooting death of Jeremy Hibbett.

Ralph Powers shot Hibbett during a confrontation at Powers' home in St. Bernard. Powers lived at the home with his wife and 2 step-daughters. Hibbett was acquainted with one of his step-daughters. There had been numerous problems in the past with Hibbett and the police had been called on many occasions to remove him from Mr. Powers' property.

On the night of the shooting, Hibbett refused to leave the Powers' home after numerous requests by the family members. The other family members alerted Mr. Powers to the situation and he went outside to, again, order Mr. Hibbett to leave his property. Hibbett came toward Mr. Powers and Mr. Powers fired one shot at Hibbett. Mr. Powers immediately called 911 for assistance.

Prosecutor Joseph Deters commented, "Ralph Powers has no criminal record and was protecting his property and family. I am sure that this was a traumatic event for everyone involved. However, a man placed in this situation should not face criminal charges. I could not agree more with the grand jury's decision."

Ralph Powers is a college educated 60 year-old military veteran who holds a master's degree.