PRESS RELEASE, 9/15/2010

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters announces indictment of Jessica Gamble

Marijuana mom indicted.Today, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters announced the indictment of Springfield Township resident Jessica Gamble (DOB 5-12-89) on charges of Corrupting Another with Drugs (Felony 4), Child Endangering (Felony 3) and Tampering with Evidence (Felony 3). Gamble faces the possibility of 18 months in prison on the Felony 4 charge and the possibility of 5 years in prison on the Felony 3 charges.

Gamble is charged with providing marijuana to her 2-year-old daughter sometime in August, 2010 in their Springfield Township home at 7473 Edgemont.

Video of this incident was captured on Gamble's cell phone and provided to Jobs and Family Services (JFS). JFS contacted the police who began their investigation which resulted in today's indictment. The charges against Gamble for Corrupting Another with Drugs and Child Endangering are for giving her daughter the marijuana. The Tampering with Evidence charge accuses Gamble of erasing the video from her cell phone.

Jobs and Family Services removed the child from the care of the mother and she is currently placed with a relative.

Prosecutor Deters commented, "It is disturbing to think that a parent would provide their 2-year-old child with marijuana. It is beyond disturbing when you watch the video and see a baby easily manipulating a marijuana joint and realize that she has probably done this on more than one occasion."