PRESS RELEASE, 11/5/2012

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters announces indictment in theft from elderly victim

Today, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters announced the indictment of Anderson resident Duayne F. Brower (DOB 8/20/63) in the theft of more than $600,000.00 from an elderly Madeira man.  The victim is not being named to protect his privacy.

Brower is charged with one count of Theft from an Elderly Person or Disabled Adult (Felony 1), one count of Unauthorized Use of Property (Felony 2), and two counts of Securing Writings by Deception (Felony 2).  If convicted of all charges he faces the possibility of 35 years in prison.

Brower befriended the victim in 2005 when Brower returned to the Cincinnati area after living in Florida.  Brower told the victim that he was ill and suffered from numerous ailments including cancer, lung disease, and a mold infection.  He told the victim that he was being treated at University Hospital in Cincinnati and also at hospitals in Columbus, Ohio and Tampa, Florida.  The victim gave Brower money for what he believed to be necessary medical treatment because Brower told him that he did not have medical insurance.  He also told the victim that he was part of a mold infection lawsuit in Florida and expected a $12 million settlement.

In October 2012, the Prosecutor’s Office received a tip that Brower was taking advantage of the victim and began an investigation.  That investigation resulted in today’s charges.

Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters commented, “I do not know how Brower can sleep at night.  Even when we informed our elderly victim that Brower had taken advantage of him and stolen his life savings as part of a scam, our victim still expressed concern for Brower.  Anyone who would prey on children or the elderly deserves a very tough punishment.”