PRESS RELEASE, 12/21/2012

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters announces voluntary dismissal of writ of prohibition against Judge Tracie Hunter

Today, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters announced the voluntary dismissal of the Writ of Prohibition previously filed against Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge Tracie Hunter.

The Writ was filed on November 30, 2012 in the First District Court of Appeals asking the court to order Judge Hunter to refrain from ordering the state to give discovery to defendants to which they are not entitled by law.

A legal writ is designed to obtain a speedy resolution of an issue, where no other quick remedy is available.  The state has the identical issue in a pending appeal in case No. 1200794 In Re D.M. which has been expedited and is set for argument on January 24, 2013.  Therefore, the Writ is no longer necessary.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters commented, “There is no longer a need to proceed on the Writ given the pending appeal.  This dismissal is important in the interest of judicial economy and efficiency and will save the taxpayers’ a significant legal bill.”

A copy of the Entry of Voluntary Dismissal of Amended Petition for Writ of Prohibition and Request for Alternative Writ is attached.