PRESS RELEASE, 6/17/2013

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters announces plea in vehicular homicide case

Today, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters announced a Plea by Information in a March 28, 2011, Vehicular Homicide Case.  Hamilton resident Paul Lallier (DOB 6/5/49) is charged with 1 count of Vehicular Homicide (Misdemeanor 1) and 1 count of Obstructing Justice (Misdemeanor 1) in the death of 22 year-old West Chester resident Dylan Morrison.  If convicted of all charges, he faces the possibility of 12 months in jail. 

The Information was filed with the Hamilton County Clerk of Court this morning and assigned to Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas Judge Robert Ruehlman.  A hearing will be set for Judge Ruehlman to accept Lallier’s plea and sentence him.  The defendant has already signed and submitted a written guilty plea in a Waiver of Indictment. 

Lallier was employed as a commercial truck driver for the Burkett Trucking Company located in Hamilton, Ohio.  On the morning of March 28, 2011, Lallier was driving a triple axel semi truck which pulled a multi-wheeled dump trailer equipped with 2 full time axels and 2 drop axels.  At approximately 9:15 a.m. that morning, Lallier was driving his truck in the northbound lanes of I-75 around the 12.5 mile marker in Lockland, Ohio.  Mr. Morrison, a University of Cincinnati student, was driving on I-75 in the opposite direction.  As the two vehicles were approaching each other from the opposite direction on the expressway, one of the drop axels on the trailer dropped and a wheel on the dump trailer fell off and bounced or rolled across several lanes of traffic.  The wheel then struck the concrete median and became airborne and flew into the southbound lanes of travel.  The wheel crashed into Mr. Morrison’s windshield.   The wheel bounced off his windshield and struck another vehicle as well. 

Mr. Morrison was pronounced dead at the crash scene.

Lallier stopped only briefly after this happened and, then, drove back to the trucking company where mechanics began to repair and replace the missing wheel.  The wheel fell off of the truck because it had not been bolted down properly. This allowed the wheel to break off of the lug bolts that held it in place.  


Prosecutor Deters commented, “Hopefully with today’s charges and the resolution of this case, Mr. Morrison’s family will feel that justice has been served and find some comfort.”