PRESS RELEASE, 3/12/2014

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters announces felony indictment in Procter & Gamble case

“This may be a protest but it is definitely a crime.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters announced the felony indictment today of the 9 people charged with the March 4th incident at Procter and Gamble (“P & G”) headquarters in downtown Cincinnati.  Charged with Burglary (Felony 2) and Vandalism (Felony 4)  are Maryland resident Marcella Anne Largess (DOB 11-25-85), Washington, D.C. resident Jesse Britton Coleman (DOB 2-1-86), Illinois resident Michael Herbert (DOB 3-18-83), California resident Charles Ryan Long (DOB 5-24-79), California resident Sean Wilder Obrien (DOB 1-30-82), New York resident Denise Rodriguez (DOB 7-9-93), California resident Tyler David Wilkerson (DOB 9-15-87), Maryland resident Nima Jason Shahidi (DOB 12-25-84) and California resident Tyler Leanne Sanville (DOB 1-10-86).  If convicted of all charges, they face the possibility of 9 ½ years in prison and a $20,000.00 fine.

The nine are charged with entering Procter and Gamble shortly after 1:00 p.m. on March 4th. They entered the highly secured building using fake identification and dressed in business suits with rolling suitcases.  They went to a specific floor and were able to open the windows and rappel down the building to unfurl their banners protesting the way that P & G secures palm oil for use in some of their products.  Some of the defendants were hanging from some type of rope or wires suspended between the two P & G headquarters’ buildings during this situation.

They secured the windows in such a way that responding P & G security or other law enforcement responders could not open the windows to get to them.  The incident ended after approximately 90 minutes when the defendants surrendered to Cincinnati Police.

During this approximately 90 minutes, 24 Cincinnati Police officers responded as well as 2 fire companies with a total of 6 firefighters in each company.

A helicopter was also flying at low altitude over the scene during the time that the defendants had their banners hanging outside the buildings.  The passengers who chartered the helicopter were taking photographs during this incident.  No charges against anyone associated with the helicopter are anticipated at this time.

Damage to P & G is estimated to be approximately $17,000.00, primarily to the windows. There was some minor damage to the roof.

Prosecutor Joe Deters commented, “While some people may be sympathetic to their message, this is definitely a crime.  This was a very sophisticated plan that put P & G, fire and police personnel at risk while causing damage to a major corporation.  They had numerous other ways to get their message across without committing a crime.  They should be prepared to face the consequences.”