PRESS RELEASE, 3/31/2014

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters comments on closure of investigation into his voting history

“No charges will be pursued.”

 Today, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters commented on the conclusion of the investigation into his voting history with the finding that there is no basis for any criminal charges.

In December 2013, Tim Burke, Hamilton County Democratic Chairman,  called for an investigation into Mr. Deters’ voting history after Mr. Deters’ wife filed a November 2013 affidavit in the Hamilton County Court of Domestic Relations indicating that Mr. Deters had not been living in their marital residence when he voted in that precinct for the November 2012 general election.

Mary Montgomery, Chief Assistant for the Montgomery County Prosecutor, was appointed as the special prosecutor to investigate this matter.  She thoroughly reviewed the matter and concluded that, “there is no evidence to support the allegation” and, therefore, the case has been closed.

Mr. Deters commented, “I was always in compliance with the law.  This was simply a political stunt by Tim Burke.  It was an incredible waste of time and money.”  

Special Prosecutor's voting history findings. (pdf)