PRESS RELEASE, 6/22/2015

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters announces indictment in identity theft/money laundering case

Today, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters announced the indictment of California resident Allison Spadafore (5/14/1985) in a 66 count indictment.  Spadafore is charged with 45 counts of Identity Fraud (Felonies 4, 5), 15 counts of Criminal Tools (Felony 5), 2 counts of Money Laundering (Felony 3), 2 counts of Misuse of Credit Card (Felony 5, Misdemeanor 1), 1 count of Attempted Misuse of Credit Card (Misdemeanor 1), and 1 count of Obstructing Official Business (Misdemeanor 2).    If convicted of all charges, she faces in excess of 30 years in prison.

On June 10th, Spadafore went to the Evendale Walgreens and attempted to purchase some Pay-Pal gift cards with a fraudulent debit card.  The Walgreens clerk noticed some discrepancies and alerted her store manager.  Spadafore ran from the store but the Walgreen employees got her license plate number and called the police.  Spadafore drove to the Blue Ash Walgreens and before she could enter the store, Blue Ash police apprehended her.

The Evendale Police Department began an investigation and discovered stolen identity information in her possession or under her control belonging to approximately 40 different people.  She had used the stolen information to obtain fraudulent identification cards, to open fraudulent bank accounts and to purchase merchandise and gift cards from various retail locations.  The crimes here involved using stolen credit card numbers to purchase items and ultimately return the merchandise for cash.  The cash was typically transferred electronically via Pay-Pal accounts linked to multiple California residents. 

Total loss is still being calculated.  However, the loss is estimated at a minimum to be over $50,000.00.  Ultimately the loss will be shouldered by the merchants or banks involved.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters commented, “If not for the quick action by the employees at Walgreens and the Evendale police department, who knows how long this criminal activity would have continued.  The investigation is on-going and the total loss amount is difficult to estimate.  She was apparently part of a network that had ties to a prison inmate currently serving time in a California prison.  Identity theft is a growing problem in our community and our stores and banks are greatly harmed by this type of fraud.”